dzornâ friboua


dzornâ friboua

On Stage

Fribourg is a canton rich in musical traditions. Numerous performances on stage and across the various sections of the festival will showcase exceptional choirs and fanfares, as well as contemporary music and bands of all kinds that will undoubtedly dazzle the audience all day long.


Avrion Stage

Facing the Lake Geneva and the mountains, the Aviron stage will offer a varied music program accompanied by narratives in patois. From 9.30am, patois speakers, vocal ensembles and intimate concerts will surely make you want to stop for a while to appreciate the performances.


Rivage Stage

This stage, located at the heart of the festival, will host the Kiosque à Musiques (Bandstand) from 11.05am to 12.30pm featuring mixed choirs, choirs and accordionists. The route of the procession will end up here around 5pm with a speech from the President of the Council of State. This will be followed by a performance of the "Accroche-Choeur" vocal ensemble and different concerts proposed by the artist Marc Berube and the High Five until the middle of the evening.


Jardin Doret

From the beginning of the afternoon, successive mixed choirs will enliven the Jardin Doret by singing traditional melodies from Fribourg prior to inviting you to reach the Silent Disco dance floor at 9pm.


Village du Monde Stage

All day long, the Village du Monde stage will welcome fanfares, guggenmusiks, Alpine horns and other ensembles to animate the eastern sector of the festival. In the evening, the Gustav Akadémie will present many kinds of music bands.


Traditions and tourism

Panoramic views, home produce, local craftsmen, excursions in all their forms, the Canton of Fribourg benefits from numeours assets as a touristic destination. These elements will be promoted to the visitors all around the city of Vevey.


The Fribourg people in pilgrimage

Discover the history of the armaillis and the winemakers, as well as the links between the regions of Lavaux et Fribourg at the occasion of playful guided hike. Leaving from the Domaine des Faverges, this approx. 2 hours hike will allow you to reach the heart of the festival on foot.

Practical information:

  • departure every 15 minutes from 8am to noon
  • by registration only (see link for registration)
  • no parking available on the Domaine des Faverges: please use the Train des Vignes "Vine Train". From Chexbres station, a short walk through the vines will bring you to the Domaine des Faverges
  • make sure you schedule enough time to visit the Maison des Faverges prior to the departure of the hike.

Dzins' Market

Discover the local craft by strolling through the "Dzins' Market" and meet Fribourgeois passionate about their art! From demos of pottery from Gruyère to steel bells, including apiculture, stained glasses or tavillons works, the artists and craftsmen will blow your mind!


Pop Pop Poya

In the Jardin Doret, the children will be invited to use their creativity. The "Pop Pop Poya" concept will allow the children to create the characters of an original Poya thanks to different tools adapted to their age. Whether they are 5, 8 or 12 years old, there will be something for everyone. And in order to make it last, it will possible to see this digital Poya on the website of the Fribourg Day after the event.



Breeding ground for quality artists, the Canton of Fribourg will take the visitors through a journey made of various experiences. With the creation of a participatory piece that will leave a trace in the history of the festival, the art from Fribourg will benefit from a privileged place and will merge with other domains in a surprising way.


Musical Raft

Looking for a truly original intimate concert? Embark on a raft built especially for the occasion in order to assist to a exceptional musical interlude! Brilliant musicians will make this floating stage a piece of heaven.



A breathtaking show ! Suspended over the water, some athletes will perform acrobratic figures on highlines. In collaboration with the organizers of "The Highline Extreme" event that gathers every year the best highliners in the world at the top of the Moleson moutain, no doubt that you will experience extreme emotions watching these tightrope walkers!


Artistic exhibition

In front of the Alimentarium, the art from Fribourg will be showcased. The visitors will be able to walk around the lake shore comtemplating different artworks.


Participatory piece

What if you were the artist yourself? On the Tour-de-Peilz's platform, the visitors will be invited to contribute to a great participatory piece that will evolve throughout the day.


Silent Disco

For those who wish to extend this moment of festivity after sunset, a Silent Disco will make you dance from 9pm to 2am in the Jardin Doret. A wide variety of music genres will allow you to share a great moment of fun with your family and friends. The audio headsets, loaned free of charge in exchange for your ID card, will allow you to switch among 3 music channels. From the Abbé Bovet to David Guetta, there will be something for every taste and every generation.


Fribourg, les Amours

Like the "Fête des Vignerons", this artistic concept gives the wine a place of honour. The two strong symbols of it that are the Molasse of Fribourg (building stone) and "les Amours" (the last few drops) of a bottle of wine shared with friends will be associated at the occasion of the Fribourg Day. All the visitors will be invited to pour what remains at the bottom of their glass over a massive block of Molasse so the stone get impregnated with the love of all hour after hour.


Parade and Procession



At 11 am, the official authorities of the Canton of Fribourg will walk a few hundred meters to join the Terrasse de la Confrérie des Vignerons, accompanied by several official entities such as the Landwehr and the Contingent des Grenadiers.



At 4 pm, the official procession will conduct fanfares, choirs, music bands and artists from the beginning of Quai Roussy in Entre-Deux-Villes to the Jardin du Rivage. Some of the participants in the procession will perform on different stages throughout the day.