Between terroir and modernity

Discover our web series starring Jessica and Beno, an intergenerational duo. Week after week, they meet the people who symbolize the most the presence of the Canton of Fribourg in the Jardin Doret.


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Une magnifique randonnée au départ de la Gare Chexbres-Village vous attend durant toute la Févi. Suivez le balisage spécial « Fête des Vignerons » et écoutez les podcasts en scannant les QR codes avec votre téléphone.

Pour beaucoup de citoyens Suisses, la Fête des Vignerons représente un événement à...


méjon friboua


Welcome to Fribourg

From 18 July to 11 August 2019, the Canton of Fribourg’s « Méjon Friboua » divided into three different areas « Lé j’armayi », « Paradi tèrèchtre » and the « Rèchtoran » delighted to welcome you at the heart of the Jardin Doret in Vevey, Blending tradition and innovation, the presence of the Canton of Fribourg is the result of a fruitful partnership between the « Société des Armaillis de la Fête des Vignerons » historical partner of the event, the « Fribourgissima Image Fribourg » association and « Terroir Fribourg ».

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dzornâ friboua


On Stage

Fribourg is a canton rich in musical traditions. Numerous performances on stage and across the various sections of the festival will showcase exceptional choirs and fanfares, as well as contemporary music and bands of all kinds that will undoubtedly dazzle the audience all day long.


Traditions and tourism

Panoramic views, home produce, local craftsmen, excursions in all their forms, the Canton of Fribourg benefits from numeours assets as a touristic destination. These elements will be promoted to the visitors all around the city of Vevey.



Breeding ground for quality artists, the Canton of Fribourg will take the visitors through a journey made of various experiences. With the creation of a participatory piece that will leave a trace in the history of the festival, the art from Fribourg will benefit from a privileged place and will merge with other domains in a surprising way.


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